The KALFI LEAD Leadership Program, or LEAD for short, aims to train and nurture servant leaders for the future. LEAD places a strong emphasis on moral integrity and social responsibility.

The Program is likewise marked by the following qualities:

  • Fosters academic excellence and mastery of leadership principles
  • Imparts a unique personal human development through regular one-on-one coaching with seasoned professionals

Inculcates in the students the attitude of giving back to society through constant service and, through one’s work, and concrete contribution to national development through programs that they can run in the community.

KALFI LEAD: Youth Leadership Training Philippines



Various literacy programs are carried out all-year round by student volunteers from the Universities near the Study Centers. Most of them are held in public schools and community halls. Volunteers give academic assistance to children from poor families. They cover core subjects such as English, Math and Values Education. In order to ensure that the children grow up to be responsible individuals, one-on-one mentoring is also offered to the young kids.

Rural Service Project

These are the Outreach Programs of KALFI run by the different Centers in the Rural Areas. These are geared towards the following goals:

  1. Awareness and experiential knowledge/understanding of the students (also referred to as Primary Beneficiaries or Volunteers) on the state of the marginalized members of society thereby inspiring them to give back to the society especially to those who are in need while they are students and when they become professionals.
  2. Uplift the poor and marginalized communities by giving them hope through service and material help within means.

During Rural Service Projects the following activities are usually conducted:

  1. Conducting Medical-Dental Mission
  2. Running Leadership and Literacy Programs for the Youth
  3. Teaching Livelihood Programs
  4. Helping out in building or improving the community’s infrastructure like painting the schools, facilitating/building comfort rooms, putting up libraries etc.
  5. Visiting the indigenous people and sharing goods to them

The activities conducted are based on the needs analyses which come out during ocular visits of the staff of KALFI Centers to the targeted communities, thus the set of activities varies per center.

How can you support this program?

You may email us your donation-related inquiries at centralmanagementoffice@kalfi.org.

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