YOUTH. A word that is more loaded? It resonates with infinite potential. Get to know the youth better and you will discover that they are our pride and joy. They are bright and full of optimism; a brand-new day embodied. They see the world with fresh eyes. How they are now and what they do can make a lot of difference in our society. If properly directed, they are the trailblazers of today. Society’s hope. Protagonists of the future. Catalysts of progress. Aware of their real worth, the youth is a worthwhile investment. This reality and the inspiring words of Saint Josemaria “Don’t let your life be sterile. Be useful. Blaze a trail. Shine forth with the light of your faith and of your love” (The Way, no. 1) brought about the birth of Kalinangan Youth Foundation, Inc. (KALFI).

There is so much that the young people can do. They are full of energy. They look at the future with so much hope. They are just waiting to be given the opportunities. KALFI believes in them and aims to help them to make a difference.

Historical Background

KALINANGAN YOUTH FOUNDATION, INC. (KALFI) is a private non-stock, non-profit Foundation registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission on September 14, 1983 and with the Bureau of Internal Revenue as a Donee institution on October 28, 1983. Subsequently, the Philippine Council for NGO Certification (PCNC) has certified KALFI as a Donee institution.

Tasked with the primary purpose of providing holistic formation to high school, university students and young professional women, KALFI puts up study centers in key locations where it can best be accessed by the youth. Thus, the following study centers were established.

  • Balanghai Study Center
  • Daniw Study Center
  • Iraya Study Center
  • Banilad Study Center
  • Lunday Study Center
  • Mayana Study Center
  • Tipolo Study Center
Meet the Team
  • Elenita S.A. Sandejas ( PRESIDENT )
    • AB Major in Business Administration
  • Ma. Ramona A. Pablo ( VICE PRESIDENT )
    • BS Business Management
  • Ma. Remedios O. Huang ( TREASURER )
    • Business Administration
  • Marjorie S. Cruz ( TRUSTEE )
    • BS Pharmacy
  • Marie Rose G. Marcella ( TRUSTEE )
    • BS Economics , MA in Economics
  • Lili Rose F. Embuscado ( TRUSTEE )
    • MS Pharmacology
  • Elvira S. Verano ( TRUSTEE )
    • Master’s Degree in Business Studies
    • Degree of Finance/Accountancy/Banking
  • Ma. Celeste L. Magsino ( TRUSTEE )
    • MA Philosophy of Education
    • BS Industrial Engineering
  • Diana R. Rueda ( TRUSTEE )
    • BS Commerce major in Legal management
    • MS Industrial Economics
  • Lourdes Annabelle S. Veloso ( CORPORATE SECRETARY )
    • Liberal Arts & Commerce
  • Maria Soledad E. Olives ( ASST. CORPORATE SECRETARY )
    • BS Industrial Management Engineering minor in Chemistry